Photo: Mike Timberlake, Flickr

Over the past week, we’ve begun to see narratives emerge in the op-ed pages of college newspapers from recently admitted Teach For America applicants who will be among the incredible leaders and teachers of the 2016 corps.

As we’ve read these columns, we’ve been impressed by the understanding of the landscape, the highly politicized climate that the education sector finds itself in today, and the thoughtfulness that these future leaders put into their decision to join Teach For America.  These aren’t college students that have been warmed over – they have a nuanced understanding of the arguments surrounding our school systems, and have chosen to join Teach For America out of their own personal values and orientation to justice and equity for all students.

One that stood out to us:

Dylan Alles, writing for the Colby Echo News:

            “Meanwhile, every individual who believes in the boundless potential of all children, and is willing to do everything possible to be successful in the classroom, can work through TFA to begin their fight for social justice.

So, I propose we raise the bar for discourse on this campus. I challenge all of us to look beyond easy, privileged dismissals of organizations like Teach for America. We need to ask the questions that matter right now, about access and opportunity and our own capacity to have an impact. We cannot afford to stand by and wait for the perfect platform for education reform to present itself, not when the futures of millions of children are at stake.”

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