We’ve had an exciting first month at Corps Knowledge, with a launch that wildly exceeded our expectations, a great deal of buzz among the Teach For America alumni community, and a sense of growing momentum.

During September, we:

·       Launched the official Corps Knowledge website, the design of which has been getting rave reviews.

·       Added three amazing individuals and senior leaders in the education sectorLindsay Hill, Kevin Huffman, and Reshma Singh – to the Corps Knowledge advisory board.  They come from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences, and we’re excited to continue adding to the board as we move forward.

·       Grew to a solid and greater-than-expected base of 400 “Likes” on Facebook, and a post reach of 4,000.

This was driven by content we had from a variety of authors:

·       Derrell and Ned discussed the formation of Corps Knowledge with our Corps Belief and the Sound Behind the Noise that led to the network’s formation.

·       Kevin and Ned took on the traditional teacher preparation establishment with an Op-Ed in the Salt Lake Tribune, a discussion of why measuring impact and results matter, and five questions that network members should ask critical professors of education.

·       Peter Cook shared his take on the landscape of New Orleans, and the importance of Teach For America in the region. 

·       We honored Matt Kramer’s tenure as Co-CEO of the organization, while also recognizing the contributions of Elisa Villanueva Beard who will be continuing as the now-lone CEO.

 ·     Reshma celebrated the Badass Women of Teach For America – a post that went viral and attracted many women alums, who tagged each other on Facebook to thank each other.  It also attracted the attention of some of Teach For America’s most strident critics – the Badass Teacher’s Association, who littered the comments of our website and blog with a crazy and disproportionate stream of comments.

·      The reality is that these individuals, who have had a long and uninterrupted run of criticizing Teach For America and other organizations are clearly worried by a more robust effort to celebrate the organization and it’s alumni, including its badass women.  We responded to their social media efforts (Annals of Absurdity)and then expressed both sadness and snark at the ridiculousness of their claims after they redoubled their efforts. (Cave Full of Guano)

·       We put a spotlight on the new applicants to Teach For America, (Thoughtful Considerations), and how they were choosing to join after looking at the debate and reaching a nuanced view of the program and the problem of educational inequity.

The community has also been extremely positive about the project, and we’ll share some of what we’re hearing below:

“Really, really eager to see what Corps Knowledge can accomplish. The attacks on TFA have gone off the rails.”  

“Why haven’t alums fought back in an organized way before now? ‘Bout time.”  

“Totally ass-kicking blog.”  

“Thank you Corps Knowledge. Public education is too important to not fight back against the critics.”

“This is worth a look-see to everyone – especially for folks who have questions about TFA.”

“Stop whatever you are doing and follow @CorpsKnowledge on Twitter right now!”

Honored & privileged to know and learn from so many TFA Bad Ass Women!”

“Corps Knowledge has quickly become my favorite must-read.”

 Thanks for joining us this month. Keep coming back and bring a friend!